IMPACT Recap 6/28/2018

Rich Swann Makes Debut, Madison Rayne Continues Miraculous Comeback

Madison Rayne Continues Stringing Together Wins

Madison Rayne, the former 5 – time TNA Knockouts Champion and former Knockouts Tag Team Champion, began the night by speaking on her shot at the IMPACT Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary on July 22. Before she could finish, Tessa Blanchard interrupted, calling her loss to Rayne a fluke and proclaiming herself the best wrestler in the company in the process.

Later in the night, the two met in a singles match in which Rayne was impressive once again, picking up the victory. Blanchard, a third generation wrestler, obviously has the tools to carry a match. However, Rayne has clearly not lost a step from 2014, the last time she held the Knockouts title. Following the win, Rayne was subsequently attacked by current Knockout Champion Su Yung and her undead bridesmaids. Allie, someone who Yung had put into a casket and had not appeared recently, intervened and saved Rayne from further damage. This storyline is poised to go in multiple directions, but expect to see Rayne and Yung go at it at Slammiversary.

Rich Swann Debuts

The former Cruiserweight Champion of WWE Rich Swann made his IMPACT debut last night against former X Division Champion Trevor Lee. Swann was his regularly flamboyant self, dancing and showing off during the match as he is known to do. The match altogether was competitive, but Swann hit a Phoenix Splash and picked up the victory. Expect him to continue getting spots and possibly challenge Matt Sydal at Slammiversary for the X Division Championship.

Pentagon Jr. Challenges Sami Callihan

Callihan and his crew Ohio Versus Everything have been maliciously taunting Pentagon Jr for the past few weeks, culminating in the group ripping the mask off of Pentagon at a show earlier in the week. Needless to say, Pentagon was humiliated and upset, leading him to challenge Sami Callihan to a mask vs. hair match at Slammiversary. Callihan happily accepted the challenge, and proclaimed that he would leave Pentagon with nothing but shame.

Z & E Continue Their Descent

After losing the Impact Tag Team titles last week to LAX, Z & E were set to face the Desi Hit Squad. Z & E were clear favorites headed into the match, but the Desi Hit Squad picked up a surprise victory when their manager Gama Singh distracted the ref leading to a roll-up pin. The Desi Hit Squad will look to continue their hot start, while Z & E will look to rebound from consecutive losses.

Eddie Edwards Self-Destructing

Eddie Edwards has been on a downward spiral since his feud with Sami Callihan began over 3 months ago. This week saw Edwards attack Tommy Dreamer at House of Hardcore, leaving him bloodied and beaten after Dreamer attempted to help Edwards in previous weeks. The saga will undoubtedly continue, with the unhinged Edwards on the verge of pure insanity.

LAX Doing Some Soul Searching

Last week saw the return of wrestling legend and LAX leader Konnan from injury. King had been in Konnan’s place since the injury, which Konnan has not taken kindly since his return. This week, Konnan got into King’s face, and told Santana and Ortiz to take time to think about King and why he suddenly showed up when Konnan went down with his injury. LAX doesn’t have a match at Slammiversary yet, and this feud between Konnan and King could derail the group before they even get there.

Matt Sydal Opens Dezmond Xavier’s ‘Third Eye’

Matt Sydal, the current IMPACT X Division Champion, faced off in a non title match against hopeful Dezmond Xavier. Sydal continued his ‘third eye’ gimmick, yelling at Xavier that he was just trying to help him see through his third eye. Sydal was able to use his veteran experience to thwart a few of Xavier’s high risk maneuvers, even shoving the referee into the ropes to knock Xavier off of the top turn buckle. The match perfectly displayed the athleticism within the X Division, as Sydal finished the match from the top rope, picking up a momentum-building win.

Brian Cage Unable to Escape Kongo Kong

Following the match between Sydal and Xavier, Brian Cage ran to the ring to get revenge on Sydal after Kongo Kong interfered in the superstars’ match last week. Instead of revenge, Cage found himself face to face with Kong once again, and the big man landed a big splash from the top rope dropping his 340 pound frame directly into the midsection of Brian Cage. These two will likely continue this feud into Slammiversary, while Sydal has no match yet.

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