How can Washington’s offense bounce back in Atlanta?

Washington’s offense took a bit of a step back last week against Buffalo. Early penalties derailing drives, wide-open drops, or fumbling while trying to do too much. This offense was doing more to hurt themselves and it set them back early. If it wasn’t for a fluky kick-off recovery and a 75 yard TD it would have been a lot worse. But they have a really good chance this weekend to bounce back against a struggling Falcons defense.

Stats To Remember

Third-down conversions are going to be huge. Washington is only 9-34(26.5%) on third-down. To put that into perspective, they are 4-5 on fourth-down. Not a recipe for success. Luckily for Washington Atlanta’s defense is in the bottom half of the league. They are allowing 43.6% conversions on third-down.

Another place where Washington should capitalize is with the passing game. Atlanta allows a completion rate of 70.8%. They have also allowed eight TDs for far this season. That should help Heinicke and the offense to keep a rhythm on Sunday.

The Offense Has Been Predictable

I completely understand that McLauren is a star and Thomas is a big target that pulls down everything. But you can’t just run the offense through them. McLauren and Thomas account for 31 of Washington’s 62 receptions. Humphries is the only other player with 10 or more receptions. Before the season started I expected Gibson to be used more and so far he only has six receptions for 95 yards. Maybe that is because of who Heinicke is comfortable with but that needs to change this week.

Defender To Look Out For

Dante Fowler is already looking to surpass his three sacks from last year and he has really been Atlanta’s only force coming around the edge. Last year he played more DE than LB and he looks more at home this year back at his more traditional LB spot. IN three games he has two sacks, two forced fumbles, and eight total tackles. If he lines up where I think he will Cosmi will have his hands full all day.

My Big Gulp Guarantee

Gibson finds the endzone via rush for the first time all season. To me, it is ridiculous that he hasn’t yet. He has shown more explosiveness this season and it’s only a matter of time before he finds the endzone.

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