Greg Roman Staying in Baltimore, Promoted to Assistant Head Coach.

Contrary to my article’s preface last night, Greg Roman will, in fact, be staying in Baltimore and he has a shiny new title to go along with it. He is now the Assistant Head Coach and will probably earn a decently-sized pay raise as well. He had the chance to skip town and earn more money elsewhere but this move shows that he likes what he’s done thus far in Charm City and he sees a lot more that he could do.

Greg Roman’s addition to the staff turned the 28th ranked rushing attack in 2016 into the 11th ranked in 2017, and that help was much needed. As a team that struggled to run the ball in 2013, 2015, and 2016, the Ravens need all hands on deck to make it work.

RB Alex Collins finished 11th in the league in rushing yards with 973 and scored 6 touchdowns even though he didn’t start a game until week 6, according to Ryan Mink of With a full season of Greg Roman’s run first scheme under their belt, the Ravens are much better suited to keep on pace with an NFL that is quickly returning to its roots in the running game.

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Vasilios Nikolaou

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