Football and Women Journalists

From a Mother’s Perspective 


Recently in a press conference, Cam Newton responded to a female reporter saying, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes like – it’s funny.”  The media has made this another circus of events at Newton’s expense, making this comment out to be a “sexist remark” for which Newton has apologized and has said, “Don’t be like me, be better than me.”

From this Mother’s Perspective:  Give me a break!  I’m sorry but this female reporter in the locker room and female media involved in questioning our professional football players has gone to the extreme.  I am a female and I do not want to listen to some female asking a pro football player questions about routes, plays, strategy, or any other aspect of football. It’s wrong.  No female reporter belongs in the locker room with showering football players or just after a game!  I can assure you there are no men in the female locker rooms of athletes after their sport just ended and other women are showering or dressing.

I believe in equality in jobs for men and women but this goes a little over the top.  Men reporters should report do the locker room interviews, the strategy interviews.  If female reporters want to talk about sports they can go to the female basketball locker rooms or the women’s softball locker rooms, but male locker rooms should be off limits.  Strategy sessions news conferences should be for men to question men.

In my opinion, Cam Newton did absolutely nothing wrong!!! Nothing.  There was nothing negatively sexist about his comment at all. I’m sure it was odd to hear a female asking questions about routes, just as it would be odd to hear a man ask questions about women’s shaving strategies in swimming.  Females don’t often ask route questions, and it was different for him.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with his comment and he has nothing to apologize for!!!!!!!

I am curious about something though.  Now that we have a female ref in football, what happens when the female ref and a player/coach are in a conversation about the game and the male smacks her (or future female refs) on the behind as players and coaches do when they have those kinds of conversations.  Is it going to be sexual harassment because he smacked her butt?  How far are we going to let this “sexist” crap go??  The media creates mountains out of molehills and they would have a field day with a male football player/coach smacking a female ref on the butt.

Bottom line:  In most situations, female reporters and football don’t mix.  It’s just not right.

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