Flacco refuses to talk at Ravens draft fest

The Baltimore Ravens drafted quarterback Lamar Jackson in the first round of the 2018 draft, for everything on Jackson go here.  The slight issue is that the Ravens already have a franchise quarterback Joe Flacco under contract.  Flacco the former Super Bowl MVP is now on the clock.

Flacco declined to take questions or speak at the Ravens Draft Fest.  Flacco must have been in shock that the Ravens drafted someone set to be his replacement.

Flacco who has been hurt the past three years with knee and back injuries is finally healthy.  Flacco also finally has some new weapons woth Michael Crabtree,Willie Snead and John Brown.

Flacco is now expected to be in the mentor role and help teach Jackson.  This could be Flacco’s final year as a Raven but who really knows.  Flacco at the end of the day is in his 30’s and not getting any younger.  The Ravens felt they got a steal with Jackson as the 32nd draft pick.

I am sure Flacco will speak soon. Flacco has always been a stand up player for the Ravens and a great team player.


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