Five Ravens keys to beating the Bengals

The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals play tonight on Thursday Night Football.  Both teams are undefeated in this young 2018 season.  The last time the Ravens lost was against the Bengals on New Years Eve.  The Ravens blew a lead and missed a chance at the playoffs.  The Ravens will want revenge for the big loss.  Also, factor in that playing on the road on TNF is one of the hardest things to do, the home team holds a major advantage.  Here are five keys to the game.

  1.  Get an early lead:  The Ravens need to establish an early lead and keep attacking the Bengals.  Quarterback Joe Flacco has historically struggled against the Bengals but is coming off a fantastic performance.  The Ravens new look offense needs to be aggressive.
  2. Establish a run game: In week one, the Ravens run game struggled early against the Buffalo Bills, but quarterback Joe Flacco more than made up for it.  Alex Collins struggled and had fumbling issues against the Buffalo Bills.  Collins needs to get back to his normal self and help the Ravens offense wear down the Bengals defense.
  3. Contain A.J. Green:  Green has been a major problem for the Ravens in the past.  Green in week one against the Indianapolis Professional Football Team had six receptions for 92 yards and a touchdown.  Green also fumbled twice against Indy.  The Ravens can not let Green beat them they need to shut him down.
  4. Pressure Andy Dalton:  The Ravens had six sacks against the Bills and need the same result against Dalton.  Hitting Dalton will make him make mistakes and will lead to turnovers.
  5. Shut the door early:  The Ravens need to have a big lead by the third quarter to really put this game in the bag.  The Ravens the past few years have had trouble holding onto leads.  Without Dean Pees the Ravens defense will most likely be better in crunch time.  A big lead will obviously help make that a much less stressful situation.

BONUS: FIRE DEAN PEAS…. Oh wait the Ravens did that…. well sort of.  Dean Peas retired, briefly, then went to the Tennessee Titans as their defensive coordinator.

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