Five Quick Predictions: Ravens vs. Lions

The Ravens vs. Lions game is a very important game for both teams as it plays a major role in the playoff chances for their respective conferences. Here are five predictions for the game.

1. Matthew Stafford will throw for less than 250 yards.

The Ravens have only given up 250 yards passing once this season, and that was to Tom Savage. He will throw around 220 yards but he will not reach 250 yards.

2. Alex Collins will have over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown.

Detroit gives up over 100 yards rushing a game and Alex Collins has had a solid year. He will rush for 125 yards and have one touchdown.

3. Joe Flacco will not turn the ball over.

Flacco did not turn the ball over against a very good Texans defense. He will not turn the ball over against the 26th ranked defense of Detroit.

4. The Ravens defense will force three turnovers.

Matthew Stafford is not the best on the road and often makes mistakes. I believe he will make those mistakes in this game, as Baltimore adds three more forced turnovers to this defenses resume.

5. The Ravens will win 16-13.

I believe this will be a low scoring game that will come down to special teams and the Ravens will win this game.

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