Five keys to success for week two

As the Washington Redskins (1-0)  take on Indianapolis’s professional football team (0-1) for their first home game of the season they will be looking to bring in another win like last week. Here are this weeks 5 keys to success. 

Last week the defense looked great no points allowed until 4th quarter and even then they were held too two field goals. This week we need the same energy and maybe even force a blowout. 

We were able to force a fumble and interception last week so we need our defense to keep pushing for the turnovers as they can always be game changers for any game.

Third key for success is once again utilizing the run we had a perfect mix last week between passing and running if we utilize the run like we did last week it will create opportunities for Alex Smith (QB) to have play action passes. 

We need to be sure we’re not getting penalties last week we were 9-63 we can do better but that wasn’t too bad but at the end of the game those 63 yards can always mean something 

Most of all we need to control the clock last week it wasn’t to much of a concern because we kept a lead for the game but even with a lead when you get to end of the game you want to control the clock to either secure your win or avoid your lost. 

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