FIFA World Cup 6/20 Recap

Wednesday brought three more games from Group A and B, and even brought our first bracket clinchers of the tournament. Here’s what happened.

Portugal 1, Morocco 0

  • Goals
    • Portugal: Ronaldo (4′)
    • Morocco: N/A
  • Cards
    • Portugal: Silva (Yellow, 90+2′)
    • Morocco: Benatia (Yellow, 40′)

In the least surprising headline of the day, Ronaldo was the difference in this game, netting an early goal off a header. It was his fourth goal of the tournament thanks to his opening match hat trick. Morocco fought hard and often looked like the better team, but was unable to get the chance they needed to put one in the back of the net. Portugal got a much needed win after getting only one point in their opening match against Spain.

Uruguay 1, Saudi Arabia 0

  • Goals
    • Uruguay: Suárez (23′)
    • Saudi Arabia: N/A
  • Cards
    • Uruguay: None
    • Saudi Arabia: None

Again, the star player turns into the difference maker, as Suárez nets one off of several deflections for what would turn into the game-winning goal halfway into the first half, fresh off his rough game with several missed opportunities against Egypt. Uruguay was able to get the three additional points they needed to guarantee themselves a spot in the Round of 16, while Saudi Arabia fell just short of getting a point to stay alive.

Spain 1, Iran 0

  • Goals
    • Spain: Costa (54′)
    • Iran: N/A
  • Cards
    • Spain: None
    • Iran: Amiri (Yellow, 79′), Ebrahimi (Yellow, 90+2′)

Once again, a 1-0 score was the final, which just the third time in World Cup history that all three games in one day have been decided by this score. Spain absolutely dominated possession (68%) and shots (17-5) in a game where they were clearly the better team. Costa’s shot from the center of the box proved to be the only goal they needed, however, in a match that was much tighter on the scoreboard than it felt on the pitch. This result sets us up for an exciting battle on top of Group B next week.

Updated Standings from These Groups

Green: Clinched Round of 16 Spot

Red: Eliminated from Round of 16 Contention

Group A

  1. Russia – 6 points (GD: 7)
  2. Uruguay – 6 points (GD: 2)
  3. Egypt – 0 points (GD: -3)
  4. Saudi Arabia – 0 points (GD: -6)

Group B

  1. Spain – 4 points (GD: 1)
  2. Portugal – 4 points (GD: 1)
  3. Iran – 3 points (GD: 0)
  4. Morocco – 0 points (GD: -2)

Matches on 6/21

Denmark vs. Australia – Group C (8:00am Eastern)

France vs. Peru – Group C (11:00am Eastern)

Argentina vs. Peru – Group D (2:00pm Eastern)

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