Fans outraged as Bruce Allen’s role expands

News came down on this past Thursday that not only would the Washington Redskins keep President Bruce Allen in his current role, but expand his responsibilities to the business side of the franchise. This news comes after an extensive campaign on social media with the hashtag #FireBruceAllen.

Since Bruce was hired in 2009 the Redskins have been 59-84-1 under his regime. That record includes two postseason appearances (both winning the NFC East) and an 0-2 record. In those two games the Redskins lost by a combined 27 points to the Packers and the Seahawks. They have 6 seasons at 7-9 or worse, and have finished in last place in the division 4 times.

As the Eagles and Cowboys play in the divisional round this weekend, Redskins Nation is forced to watch as two of their rivals play for a chance to appear in the NFC Championship game next weekend.
As if these numbers aren’t enough for Skins fans to be upset, Bruce has had a history of running any who opposes him out of town. When Mike Shanahan was hired in 2010 the Redskins went 11-21 over the next two seasons, Bruce decided to trade the farm to move up for RG3.

Shanahan was in favor of drafting a guy named Russel Wilson in the later rounds, but this wasn’t sexy enough for Allen. After trading the farm for RG3 the Redskins saw one amazing year, before plummeting back to the depths of the division. Enter Jay Gruden as the HC in 2014 for another last place finish in the division at 4-12.

In 2015 many believed that the Redskins had finally turned the corner with Kirk Cousins and Scot McCloughan at the General Manager position. The offense finished 10th and many fans got behind McCloughan with the #InScotWeTrust campaign. This wouldn’t last long though, as McCloughan started being cropped out of the picture for one odd reason after another.

Soon enough, McCloughan was forced out and the Redskins missed the playoffs yet again, despite looking promising the year before. Entangled in the whole McCloughan fiasco, the Redskins let their first decent QB in years walk out of the door while paying premium Franchise Tag prices three years in a row.

Kirk walked for pretty much nothing, although the Redskins will get a 3rd round compensatory pick in the 2019 draft due to the huge deal Cousins signed with Minnesota. The latest sign of Bruce’s chokehold on the franchise? The firing of newly hired executives Brian Lafemina, Todd Kline, Steven Ziff and Jake Bye. Despite being hired less than a year ago, Snyder showed these four the door the day after Christmas. Bruce will have an expanded role with the team covering some or all of the duties that Lafemina and Co. were brought in to do.
Despite a losing record and having the final say in football operations for almost 10 years, Bruce will remain at the top of the Redskins hierarchy for at least another season. We can only speculate as to why he reigns supreme and seemingly can do no wrong to Snyder. Many speculate it is because the Redskins would like to move on from FedEx Field in 2027 and Bruce is said to have an instrumental hand in getting a new stadium built.

Although #FireBruceAllen has taken off as a phenomenon on social media, the cries seem to fall on deaf ears. It is obnoxiously clear that this management and owner couldn’t care much less about their fandom’s displeasure.

As a fan myself, I am forced to sit and watch as the team I love is continually driven into the ground. Many say they are done with the franchise, but we all know it is never that simple, if you are a real fan that is. I urge Redskins fans to stop buying merchandise and stop attending the games. Watch the games from home and buy Capitals merchandise instead; you know a team that actually puts a good product out. Hail to the Redskins.

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