Exhale: Bryce Harper Is Going To Be Just Fine

There seems to be a large amount of worry around the baseball world about how Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper has been performing so far this year. I will not say that he has been excellent and the clear cut candidate for NL MVP (at this current moment at least). But there are certain elements to his game that highlight how he is not regressing aside from his batting average of .238.

Bryce Harper is currently leading the National League in home runs with 18, and is ties across both leagues for first with the Angles Mike Trout and Boston’s J.D. Martinez. Harper is also 3rd in the NL in RBI’s with 40, only 3 back from current leader Javier Baes of the Cubs who has 43. Additionally Harper is 2nd in the league in walks earned with a total of 46, only behind Mike Trout who holds 50. The Nats slugger also is staying above the league averages in both hit velocity and home run distance. Harper is hitting the ball on average at 91.9 MPH which is 3 MPH faster than the league average. Bryce Harper’s home runs are also going an average of 405 feet so far this year. That is 7 feet farther than the league average.

On a more condensed scale compared to his teammates on the Nationals, Harper is 3rd on the team in hits, 1st in runs scored, 1st in home runs, 1st in RBI’s, 1st in walks, and 1st in on base percentage. These are all signs of how a batting average is not indicative of his true value to the team.

It seems that during one month of the year Harper finds himself in a slump of some kind whether it be home runs or batting average. I am predicting a major bounce back for Harper during the month of June. Because it seems that whenever we as analysts or fans start to doubt him about whether he is truly living up to the hype, Bryce flips the whole narrative and leaves us wondering what we were complaining about. Stay calm Nats fans the rebound is coming soon.

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