Early Signings Lacking a Pop for MD Football to Evolve

National Signing Day for college football athletes is today, and the Maryland football team’s early signing can only be described as “meh.” I mean absolutely no offense to these young men signing on to play in College Park, but we’re nine signings in at the time of me writing this, and all of them have been 3-star recruits according to ESPN.

Wasn’t Mike Locksley supposed to be a recruiting guru? Wasn’t he supposed to be able to get into places in the deep south and steal a couple big time talents from the programs in the SEC? The program has already gone through a recent embarrassment with Bowie’s own Caleb Williams winning the Heisman for a program on the other side of the country. What are we doing to make sure the 4 and 5 star talents around the DMV stay home? If Locksley and crew want to win games against teams like Michigan, which used to be a laughable thought until we kept this year’ game within one score, the program needs to make bigger splashes.

Hopefully things get better as the day goes on. If they don’t, fans can consider this signing period an abject failure.

*note: I’ve updated this three times already and nothing has changed. “Not great, Bob!”

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