Dwight Howard and the Wizards agree to one year deal

Dwight Howard, Wizards Agree to 1-Year Mid-Level Contract

Dwight Howard is an eight time NBA All Star and a 14 year veteran in the league. He held opponents to 57.9 percent shooting inside six feet and 54.1 percent inside 10 feet. The Hornets also had a 106.4 defensive rating with him on the court, compared to a 107.9 defensive rating when he went to the bench.

Howard will help play either a big man role underneath the basket or a defender around the perimeter. With three big men already on the roster, it should be interesting to see where Howard will fit in this season.

The problem with Howard isn’t necessarily a result of his on-court performance, though he does clog up the paint with his inability to score away from the basket. Off the court he’s had his own issues to take care of.  If he can keep that in line he will help the Wizards tremendously.


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