Dwayne Haskins receives Joe Theismann’s blessing to wear number 7

Joe Theismann has long been consider one of the Washington Redskins greatest players. Wearing number seven and sporting a single bar facemask, Theismann led the team to two Super Bowls, after the 1982 and 1983 seasons, winning the franchise’s first trophy after the 1982 season. Though Theismann is in the teams “Ring of Honor” the Redskins have officially retired only one number, Sammy Baugh’s number 33. Nevertheless, no one had worn the number 7 since Theismann was forced into retirement with a broken leg.

When the Redskins drafted Dwayne Haskins with the 15th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, fans immediately began to wonder which number the quarterback would wear with for the team. Haskins has worn the number since his youth, even wearing a number 7 necklace on draft day. Theismann stated that he wasn’t opposed to Haskins wearing the number, but would like to discuss it with him first. On Wednesday that discussion took place.

Joe Theismann stated, “I just got off the phone with Dwayne just a little while ago, and I told him it was okay to wear No. 7, I’ve given him permission. Not that I felt like I needed to, but he was respectful enough to ask. We had a really nice conversation.” Theismann followed up with his typical humor stating, “It’s not a retired number, I guess you could call it a semiactive number. And it was important to him . . . He obviously has been designated the future of this franchise, and why not make it easy on him? I guess it will be interesting to see another No. 7 running out there that’s six inches taller and about, I don’t know, 40 pounds heavier.”

Neither Haskins or the team have commented on the number that the quarterback will wear.

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