DC Defenders are coming back

After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson bought the XFL there was hope among the DMV that the DC Defenders were coming back. Earlier this week the hope came to fruition and everything about the Defenders including the beer snake will indeed be coming back in 2023.

“To the fans in D.C. – we’re coming back. First of all, it’s an honor and a pleasure to have an opportunity to coach a team in the DC area. Our XFL team is going to play with a lot of passion, and we are looking forward to being a part of this great city. It’s going to be really exciting and we already know you guys are going to show up and get loud for us,” said head coach Reggie Barlow.

They’ll once again play their home games at Audi Field. They have a different logo with a big D and a C in the middle of it. Audi Field has 20,000 seats and is mostly home to D.C. United but also hosts numerous other events throughout the year. They also have a new FanDuel Sportsbook so you can place your bets.

Here’s the list of the coaching staff:

Director Team Operations: Stacie Johnson
Director Plaver Personnel: Von Hutchins
Offensive Coordinator: Fred Kaiss
Wide Receivers: Alvance Robinson
Tight Ends: Cody Crill
Quarterbacks: Shannon Harris
Offensive Line: Russ Ehrenfeld
Defensive Coordinator: Gregg Williams
Defensive Line: Jeremy Watkins
Defensive Backs: Vernon Dean
Special Teams/Linebackers: Jamie Sharper
Quality Control: Deion Harris
Athletic Trainer: Chris Lasamana
Equipment Manager: VanDyke Jones
Video Manager: Caleb Studivant

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