DC AG files suit vs Dan Snyder

The Attorney General of DC is filling a civil lawsuit against the Washington Commanders, Dan Snyder, the NFL, and Roger Goodell. Hopefully this is the final straw for Dan Snyder and he sells the team. Snyder’s entire time as owner has been a mess on and off the field. Here are some quotes from the press conference:

Now will this lawsuit go anywhere probably not, but it will shine a light on what the NFL covered up in the Wilkinson report. The Wilkinson report was only seen by Goodell and not released to the public like it should’ve been. This will also show the other NFL owners what Snyder has done in the past and hopefully make him sell the team. Also even if Snyder sells the team before this goes to court the AG will still go after him, since he was the only owner of the team at the time this happened.

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