Crosby spits on Caps player, refs ignore it

So let’s set the stage. The Penguins faced off against the Washington Capitals in Game 3 of their second round match up. The first period went by without incident, things got really heated in the second period of action between these two teams. The Pens applied significant pressure on Washington Capitals enforcer Tom Wilson (Pens fans still not happy with the hit on Dumoulin), laying numerous hits on him and consistently trying to make him uncomfortable, but it was Wilson’s hit that truly ignited things.

Wilson crushed Penguins rookie forward Zachary Aston-Reese with a hit that made significant contact with the head of Aston-Resse, and one that knocked him out of the game as well. Wilson was again not penalized on the play. From that moment forward the second period was a vicious and hard fought battle on both sides.

In one of the many scrums that happened during the moments that followed that hit, Penguins captain Sidney Crosby appears to have crossed the line. Honestly this is a line that in the eyes of many should never be crossed. Crosby appeared to attempt to spit on an opposing player who appears outside of the frame in the camera shot(picture above)a player that he was obviously not very happy with.

stay classy Pittsburgh stay classy.

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