College Basketball Preview: Towson Tigers (2-5) at George Washington Colonials (1-7)


Towson Tigers at George Washington Colonials | 7:00 PM ET

December 5

Charles E. Smith Center | Washington, DC

After losing to Vermont, the Tigers look to rebound after their loss on the 30th.

YOUR NTKs (aka Numbers to Know) FOR THIS GAME:


PPG: Towson: 67.3 | GW: 60.4

PA: Towson: 73.3 | GW: 72.6

PCT: Towson: 42.2 | GW: 39.2

RPG: Towson: 35.0 | GW: 32.6

APG: Towson: 9.6 | GW: 10.1

BPG: Towson: 2.6 | GW: 3.3

SPG: Towson: 6.0 | GW: 5.5




Towson: Brian Fobbs (99)

GW: DJ Williams (94)


Towson: Dennis Tunstall (44)

GW: Arnaldo Toro (25)


Towson: Tobias Howard (22)

GW: Armel Potter (17)


The game will not be on television, and we’ll attempt to tweet the game on our MD page. If not, please check out the recap. The game starts at 7 PM.

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