Charlotte Hornets Swarm Wizards Stinging Them To A 133-109 Defeat

Whomp, whomp was this game terrible.  There was a snowstorm in Charlotte, but there was an absolute $hitstorm in the arena.  The game highlight was a fight and subsequent ejections.

Washington Wizards: Beal:  26pts, 3r, 2a, 1b;  Scott:  18pts, 2r, 3a, 1stl;  Oubre:  16pts, 5r.

Charlotte Hornets:  Kidd-Gilchrist:  21pts, 4r, 2a, 3stl;  Walker: 19pts, 3r, 7a, 2b;  Howard:  18pts, 15r, 2a, 2stl, 2b.


This game started off fast and I had high hopes.  They were soon dashed.  I blame it all on the weather.  Maybe the furnace at the hotel broke down or something…

The 1st quarter was high scoring, Charlottle leading 38-36.  Wizards got in foul trouble early but that deflected attention nicely away from the turnovers.

High hopes, likely only mine, continued into the 2nd quarter.  This is when things started to hit the fan.  Coach Brooks started to look like he’d eaten some bad fish for dinner.   Charlotte outscored the Wizards 39-25.  It became clear that if Dwight Howard wanted to score he was going to.  His physical strength means that if he wants to push his way to the rim he can, and will.

Oubre and Scott both looked good against Charlotte, but the absolute trouncing deflected attention away from their nice play.

By the half I was trying to get a better look at the players’ shoes and wondering if someone was getting left behind in Charlotte.  The score going into the 3rd was 77-61.

My notes from the 3rd period literally read ‘look away Chakka, LOOK AWAY’.  Charlotte only outscored the Wizards 25-18 so I decided to watch the 4th.

And I was not disappointed.  Action picked up, but not the score.  We got to see some of the players deeper in the Coach’s rotation.  Coach Brooks at this point had picked up a tech and the guys were starting to look like they had some of that bad fish also.  Grimaces all around.  The highlight of the 4th was the fight.  I should be ashamed to admit that but I’m Canadian, our national sport involves a box where you have to go after fighting.

There seem to a few different versions of events here.  The claim is that Jason Smith fouled Michael Carter-Williams. What I saw was Carter-Williams pull Smith to the floor by grabbing onto his foot/ankle.  Tim Frazier got involved to break up the fight.  Carter-Williams and Frazier were both ejected with double techs.  The game was already lost by this point and the Hornets proceeded to win 133-109.

Next Up:  Detroit Pistons in Detroit Friday January.19.2018 at 8:00p.m. EST on NBCSWA and ESPN.


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