NHL Stanley Cup Playoff 2014 First Round Preview


Another great NHL season is in the books. The majority of those who remain are the teams we expected to still be standing by the regular season’s end. Some have turned out to be surprises, teams that were counted out early in the season and made a swift turnaround to surge into the postseason. Given all the teams that will begin making a run for the Cup tomorrow afternoon, there is a strong potential for yet another great postseason.


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Michael Phelps ending retirement

File:Michael Phelps Ryan Lochte Laszlo Cseh medals 2008 Olympics.jpgMaryland’s own Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement and plans to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympic games.  Phelps retired in 2012 and has not swam competetively since then, that will change as he plans to compete in on April 24-26 in Arizona.

Phelps is the most decorated Olymian of all time winning 22 medals including 18 gold medals.  Phelps is currently 28 years old and should still have plenty of good years ahead of him.

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Wizards Playoff Preview: Setting the Stage for the Future

File:John Wall pregame shooting.jpgMost experts believe the Eastern Conference champion will be either the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers. This has been their belief since the beginning of the year and because of that it seems most are overlooking the rest of the conference. That’s too bad. They have missed out on the fabulous story of the Washington Wizards.

The Wizards come into this playoff season as a team on the rise whereas the rest of the top teams in the East have either peaked or are in decline. With the Wizards locking up John Wall in a long term deal, they may have the most to gain in this year’s playoffs. Read more about Wizards Playoff Preview: Setting the Stage for the Future

Towson Dance team wins 16th straight championship

The Towson Tigers dance team won their 16th straight NDA National Championship yesterday in Daytona, Florida.  The NDA dance competition is the largest dance competition in the country and Towson’s dance team has dominated it.  Here is the story I wrote last year when the dance team won their 15th straight.

With the Towson Tigers football and basketball teams having great seasons the dance team may get overlooked.  Even while the football and basketball teams were having bad seasons the dance team has been constantly winning championships.  The Towson dance team may be the most under appreciated sports team in Maryland sports.
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Reasons the Release of DeSean Jackson Was Far From a Smart Move

File:DeSean Jackson 2014 Pro Bowl.jpgHonestly thought the day wouldn’t come this soon, but DeSean Jackson has been released by the Eagles after having the best statistical season of his career. In move that shocked many, the purported reasoning for his release was his alleged involvement in gang-related activity off-field, attitude, and work ethic. Jackson has thus denied any such off-field activity. In the weeks leading up to his release, speculation had been circulating rapidly, from trade rumors to the idea that he may indeed would have been staying put after assuring his teammates and talking with head coach, Chip Kelly. Whatever the case, there’s no more rumors left, Jackson is indeed gone from Philly, and from what I believe, this decision will not favor Philly for a few simple reasons.
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Craig "Sky" Shelton walking down my street

My black friend, Harry Weaver, found it rather amusing. My friends and I lived on Whitehaven Parkway in Georgetown in the late 70s and early 80s. Get it? White-haven?
Anyway, it was the soon after my Maryland team with Albert King and Buck Williams went down in flames against John Thompson’s Georgetown Hoyas.

Actually it was March of 1980. It was the second round of the NCAA playoffs. And Eric “Sleepy” Floyd and Craig “Sky” Shelton stopped the Terps, 74-68.
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Johnny Manziel could be the next big NFL bust

800px-Johnny_ManzielIt is no secret that Johnny Manziel is entering the NFL draft after only his Sophomore season. Historically, I have been very good at predicting quarterback busts, I predicted that Brady Quinn, Mark Sanchez, JaMarcus Russel and Matt Leinart would be busts. Manziel is the next quarterback that that I predict will be a bust.

This is nothing against Manziel, he is a fantastic college quarterback and a fantastic football player. Manziel is mobile but I do not think this speed will translate as well in the NFL and he needs better ball protection. Manziel also does not have the strongest arm. In bad weather I highly doubt that Manziel will be effective against NFL defenses.
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Towson extends Ambrose through 2020

The Towson Tigers have extended head coaches Rob Ambrose contract until 2020.  When Ambrose took over the Tigers he did not have much to work with and in 2010 the Tigers only had one win.  The 2011 season was the turnaround season for the Tigers going 9 and 12.

I am surprised that Towson was able to lock Ambrose up for as long as they have.  With the success that Ambrose has had I thought a big name school would have came in and signed him.

There is the hometown factor though, Ambrose is a Towson grad and grew up in Maryland.  Ambrose’s whole family is involved with the Tigers so it makes sense that Ambrose would not want to move his young family around.
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