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Jan 11

Colton Orr vs John Erskine

Not often do you get to see Colton Orr lose a fight, the guy is a goon if there ever is one.  John Erskine may not drop the gloves as much as he used to but boy is he a good fighter.  Erskine versus Orr and the end result is not even close.  Erskine knocked …

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Jan 06

Troy Brouwer vs Nate Prosser

This was not much of a fight Troy Brouwer threw Nate Prosser around after taking a hard hit. Brouwer showed a lot of class in not throwing a punch when Prosser was defenseless. Some players like Steve Downie have shown that they would throw punches even when a player is down, Brouwer showed how players …

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Dec 30

Tom Wilson vs Marcus Foligno

This fight pretty much defines what it means to have a draw. Tom Wilson and Marcus Foligno go at it but never really connect on any blows. Wilson uses his size to take down Foligno. Draw

Dec 20

Aaron Volpatti vs Adam Hall

Aaron Volpatti sure does know how to put on a show when it comes to fights. Adam Hall and Volpatti throw down and have a very good fight. Both fighters got shots in and Volpatti got the take down. Win: Draw

Dec 19

Tom Wilson vs Nicklas Grossmann

After a big hit Tom Wilson had to answer to Nicklas Grossmann.  A brawl starts and Wilson more than holds his own.  The hit was a boarding major and it was deserving, Wilson is a big kid and won the fight. Win: Wilson

Dec 18

Wayne Simmonds vs Steve Olesky

Steve Olesky usually does not lose fights but he did here. Wayne Simmonds and Olesky got into a fight in a crowd and Simmonds had the upper hand. Clear win for Simmonds.

Dec 16

Zac Rinaldo vs Michael Latta

Zac Rinaldo gets a lot of hits in but they are all to the back of Michael Latta’s helmet. A good spin around and Rinaldo and Latta land up on the ground. Aggressive but short fight. Win: Rinaldo

Dec 14

Troy Brouwer vs Erik Gudbranson

Watch this video with a little bit of caution because the hit on Eric Fehr was nasty. Gudbranson takes an elbow and basically close-lines Fehr and a fight breaks out. Where Troy Brouwer got an instigator is beyond me because both players were locked up before the fight started. The officials did a poor job …

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Dec 12

Brandon Sugden vs Donald Brashear

Slow day in sports so lets watch an old hockey fight.  Brandon Sugden and Donald Brashear went at it twice and this one was a long fight. Draw or Sugden win  

Dec 09

Rich Clune vs Tom Wilson

This was a one sided fight, Rich Clune goes up against Tom Wilson and he got thrown around a bit.  Wilson may still be a young kid but he knows how to throw his body around and had a size advantage.  Clune did well but in the end Wilson got the one-sided win. Win: Wilson …

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