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Jun 26

FIFA suspends Uruguay's Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez has been suspended by FIFA for nine matches and four months with no soccer activities in addition to a fine.

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Apr 07

ARROW – "Crucible" Discussion

Sometimes the titling of certain ARROW episodes is a bit strange; such as last year’s finale “Sacrifice”. Throughout the episode the word “sacrifice” was consistently used, which begs to question if it was intentional or perhaps sloppy (in terms of writing). I make this statement because of “Crucible”, the fourth episode for season two. This …

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Mar 19

ARROW – "Broken Dolls" Discussion

If there were any true problems to ARROW’s third episode of the second season, “Broken Dolls”, they were simply styles of execution that could’ve seized potential opportunities, but didn’t. In terms of what the episode accomplished, it did quite a lot. While the antagonist of the episode could easily clock this episode as the first …

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Jan 31

ARROW – "Identities" Discussion

“What’s the identity of this season?” That question circled my head after viewing the latest entry (Episode 2) from ARROW’s second season, “Identities”. The episode was able to immediately pick up from where “City of Heroes” left off, but wasn’t as spectacular as the season opener. Despite that, it was a thoroughly enjoyable episode, and …

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Jan 21

ARROW – "City of Heroes" Discussion

After much anticipation (at least from me), ARROW is back in full-swing for its season 2 opener, “City of Heroes”. When trying to find a continuing point from such an extraordinary finale, television shows can either triumph or fall when moving forward. Luckily, ARROW strikes the bulls-eye, as “City of Heroes” not only triumphs, but …

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Oct 07

ARROW – "Unfinished Business" Discussion

Ironic that my last discussion post for ARROW Season 1 deals with the episode titled “Unfinished Business”, episode 19 of the show. It almost feels as if my coverage of Season 1 should’ve been done earlier; hence the irony of ‘Unfinished Business’. In terms of the episode though, it dives back into the Vertigo drug …

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Oct 05

ARROW – "Salvation" Discussion

The main focus of “Salvation”, Episode 18 of ARROW, was to both solve a somewhat mystery and give a character a purpose. While it again can be looked upon as ‘filler’, it’s loaded with impressive stunt sequences, precise cinematography, and an interesting storyline. As I tend to watch each episode at least 3 times before …

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Oct 05

ARROW – "The Huntress Returns" Discussion

By the title itself, episode 17 of ARROW initially turned me off. If you recall from previous discussion entries; I’m not a huge fan of the Huntress character. Granted; the latest outing from Helena Bertinelli was much better than her initial entrance…but the return of her character still made me cringe a bit. Luckily, “The …

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Sep 25

ARROW – "Dead to Rights" Discussion

Well, this is it. The one. This is the episode that many view as the utmost best episode of ARROW. For all the fans who love it, they have complete reason to. Episode 16 of ARROW had a lot going on, and was an absolute incredible arc relating to certain characters. With this episode being …

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Sep 19

ARROW – "Dodger" Discussion

It almost feels as if episode 15 of ARROW’s purpose was to solely introduce one new character. In terms of an actual episode, it essentially felt pointless. Despite this, the episode remained to be overall enjoyable…but again, didn’t appear to have relevance.

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