Ravens position analysis : The Centers

Photo: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens had a big weakness last season on the offensive line.  The entire Ravens offense suffered from the poor offensive line.  The line could not open up running holes or protect Joe Flacco.  A lot of the blame can be put on the performance of Gino Gradkowksi.   The Ravens traded for Jeremy Zuttah during the offseason to help sure up the center position.

Center is one of the Ravens weak positions but Gary Kubiak has always been good at working with offensive lineman.  The Ravens do not have a real standout center but do have some under development.

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Rice's Suspension Points to Hypocrisy in the NFL

NFL-Union-Leader-Says-Players-Don’t-Trust-Roger-Goodell The National Football League, led by Roger Goodell, has been on the forefront of cracking down on illegal activities that seemed to have run ramped throughout the league in the past decade. However the recent actions or non-actions on the part off the NFL towards Ray Rice have clearly brought a strong wave of scrutiny towards the league. Read more about Rice's Suspension Points to Hypocrisy in the NFL

Browns fans show new low, urinates on Art Modell's grave

1980-modell-browns crop.jpgA Cleveland Browns fan has urinated on Art Modell’s grave and posted a video of it here. I would embed the video but the Browns fan surprisingly figured out how to make the video unsharable. Modell rests at Druid Ridge Cemetery and it is a public place so anyone can go and pay their respects, in this case their disrespect.  Honestly, no grave deserves this kind of disrespect and Modell by all accounts was a good man.

The act shown in the video is both gross and completely disrespectful.  Urinating on a mans grave is just about as low as someone can go.  Fans can get passionate about their sports teams and hate on some players, coaches and owners from other teams but too far is too far.  Fans need to know that attacking a person personally, attacking their families, attacking their home, or now attacking their grave is just way too far.  Sports are meant to entertain us, it is ok to be passionate about it, but it is just a sport.  Read more about Browns fans show new low, urinates on Art Modell's grave

Oakland Athletics fans of booing

Bs37smWCUAECh3f.jpg largeThe Baltimore Orioles just finished up a weekend series with the Oakland Athletics and they lost the series two to one. The Orioles played well in every game but the final game, which was on a Sunday a day that the Orioles typically do not play well on. The Athletics are a very good team and the Orioles have had their feuds with them since the Manny Machado and Josh Donaldson incident.

I personally have always liked the Athletics as a baseball team since I was a kid. The Athletics were on my list of teams that I did not mind seeing win when the Orioles were in their down years because they were a low-budget small-market team. Honestly, I still do not have a problem with seeing them win against the likes of the Angels and Texas Rangers. Read more about Oakland Athletics fans of booing

Ravens position analysis : The running backs

Photo: Baltimore Ravens
Photo: Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens running backs struggled last season with both health and production.  Ray Rice had a career worst season and Bernard Pierce struggled.  Most of the blame can be placed on the offensive line and health.  Rice was injured pretty much all season and Pierce was banged up as well.

This offseason has not been good for the Ravens running backs.  Rice and Lorenzo Taliaferro were both arrested and face possible suspensions.  Rice’s arrest was a lot more public than Taliaferro.

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Orioles midseason report card: The starting pitchers

gausman-pitching-glasses-orange-sidebarComing into the season the starting pitching was a bit in question, I actually liked all our starters but they have had their ups and downs.  The Baltimore Orioles for the most part have had six starters this season which is unlike the past few seasons in which it seemed like the Orioles rotation was changing every week.  This is my report card for the Orioles starting pitching staff.

Chris Tillman: Tillman was the Orioles opening day starter and has very well for the most part but had a rough few games.  Tillman went through a groin injury but still started all his games.  Tillman’s numbers would be outstanding if not for that groin injury.  Look for Tillman to have a strong second half.  Tillman has a 4.11 era and a seven and five record.  Grade B Read more about Orioles midseason report card: The starting pitchers

Things Jeter did not do


Derek Jeter is retiring after this season… we get it, he was a good player that played for the New York Yankees.  Yes Jeter had an outstanding career but just because he plays for the Yankees does not mean he needs tons of fanfar, some respect yes but too much is too much.  Last year we had to deal with Marino Rivera get all the praise, so two Yankees back-to-back, enough is enough.  Where was all this attention for Chipper Jones and Craig Biggio?

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Girardi a sore loser again UPDATE

Joe Girardi by Keith Allison.jpgThe New York Yankees are at .500 on the season and falling fast.  Last night the Baltimore Orioles played the New York Yankees and won three to one in a rain shortened game.  The Orioles took two out of three and won the series.  The game had over a two hour rain delay.  The rain did not let up all night and kept going into the early morning.  The umpires finally called the game a little after midnight.

The Yankees manager once again had to open his big mouth and complain about the Orioles winning.  Here were his quotes after the game.  From this article.  Read more about Girardi a sore loser again UPDATE

MLB Halfway Review

We are now approaching the All-Star break in the Major League Baseball season. There have been so many surprises this year.

The World Series champions the Boston Red Sox are ten games under .500 and in last place in the American League East. A huge shock has been the Milwaukee Brewers who are tied for first in the National League Central. The team with the best record this year has been the Oakland Athletics who have been outstanding this year despite having the 25th payroll in the whole MLB.
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