Injury updates on Machado, Bundy and Reimold: Updated

479px-Manny_Machado_8-10-2012The Baltimore Orioles are getting good news injury wise when it comes to Manny Machado, Dylan Bundy and Nolan Reimold.  Machado and Bundy both seem very close to starting some real games.

Machado the Orioles star third baseman has been running the bases and is expected to play an extended spring training game tomorrow, according to Brittany Ghiroli.  Machado could go on a rehab assignment as soon as next week, which means he is very close to coming back.

UPDATE: Machado has now played in two extended spring training games and all seems to have gone well.  The first game he played five innings and the second game he played seven innings.


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The Norfolk Tides and the Quality Start

TJ McFarlandWhen talking about starting pitchers, either in the majors, minors, or college, the manager is always looking for the quality start each time they’re on the mound. Don’t know what exactly a “quality start” is, let me explain.

A quality start is defined as a game where a starting pitcher pitches at least 6 innings without allowing more than three earned runs. That’s how it was defined in 1985 by sportswriter John Lowe, who first developed the idea. In today’s game a “quality start” could be something totally different depending on the team.

Take the Detroit Tigers and their starting pitcher Justin Verlander for instance. Why Verlander you ask? Verlander has one Cy Young award and one MVP under his belt and is one of the best pitchers in the game. Last season Verlander had one start, May 22nd, where he gave up five earned runs in just 5.0 innings pitched. Verlander ended up with the win.

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Former Orioles, Where Are They Now Part One

In honor of Chris Tillman’s start tonight, I’ll start with one of my all-time favorite Orioles, Erik Bedard. That’s right Erik Bedard is one of my favorite players. Why you ask? Because he gave us two of our core players in Adam Jones and Chris Tillman.

Bedard is playing for the Tampa Bay Rays and will be making his first start of the season against the Yankees tonight. The Other Big name in that trade was George Sherrill. Sherill has not played in the majors since 2012. Sherrill was traded for Josh Bell and Steve Johnson Read more about Former Orioles, Where Are They Now Part One

Derek Shelton and Tampa Bay Rays (Rays series review)

695px-J.J._HardyNo doubt MLB Network has improved the lives of baseball fans. And there is a regular commercial on the station about a guy selling a hitting device to help young and old. Fine, but I’m not buying it.

However, this Derek Shelton fellow is more than the hitting coach for the Tampa Bay Rays. Closer to home, he was a three-sport star at Warren High School where his dad, Ron, coached baseball. Yes, after I left the Orioles organization in 1987, I landed in the Northwest suburbs of Illinois. My sportswriting career was too late for Derek but it worked for his Dad and younger brother Craig. I promise to stop this but Craig’s football team started the season at 1-1 and then the coaching staff threw out the game plan. They put Craig in the shot gun and won 10 straight games. It was the most exciting football team I ever covered.

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Steve Lombardozzi earning his keep

File:MG 3281 Steve Lombardozzi, Jr..jpgWhen the Baltimore Orioles traded for Steve Lombardozzi late in spring training it was not a highly publicized deal.  Twelve games in, the Orioles look to have a valuable player for years as he is not free agency eligible until 2018.

Lombardozzi has played great defense in his first 12 games as an Orioles but what has been most impressive has been his at bats.  Lombardozzi reminds me of a younger Brian Roberts, always having good at bats even when he made outs.  The average has been there early in the season batting .298 for the Orioles with a triple.

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Rain Delays Orioles Celebration of Jackie Robinson

File:Jackie Robinson 1950.jpg                Every April 15th Major League Baseball (MLB) celebrates the anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in 1947 by having every player wear Robinson’s number 42.  Maybe I’m sentimental but I look forward to seeing it every year.

                It’s completely logical that the players would feel honored to be a part of celebrating such an amazing athlete but even as a fan I take pride in celebrating Robinson’s legacy.  Robinson as a player was remarkable.  As a person, even more so.  If you have ever read his story, you know that it was Robinson’s character as much as his talent that led the Brooklyn Dodgers to choose him to be the first African-American in professional baseball.

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