Capitals vs Rangers. A Thursday night showdown

On Thursday the Capitals look to bounce back from their first regulation loss. While it’s good for the team to have some losses, to have some ideas of what to work on, it was a very disheartening loss. Let’s recap what went wrong and keys to winning the next game.

The team needs to play better defense. Blowing a 3-1 lead heading into the third period twice in two games in unacceptable. The team needs to focus on covering their respective areas, getting the puck out of the zone, and making it hard to get the puck over the blue line.

The Tom Wilson fight was said to help spark the Bruins. It gave them a new life, so going forward the team, especially, Tom, need to pick their spots better and know when to walk away from a fight. It would be much better to not fight, then to spark the opposing team.

Going forward, the team needs to be smarter in the offensive zone. Looking for that extra pass or setting up a one timer might be the difference between getting a puck in goal and a blocked shot. They also need to have more precise passing in the offensive zone.

Some of the positives the team had were that they only took a total of three penalties all game. This is showing much more discipline than they have in previous games. This should continue going forward. It allows for all the players to move about the ice and not have to play defensively in their zone.

The game is Thursday at 7:00 on Nbc Sports Washington or you can listen on 106.7 fm

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