Capitals vs Penguins.

Today, the Capitals are finally playing hockey again, after not playing for an extended period of time due to covid. There is good news for the Caps as everyone is back from the covid unable to play list. Since there hasn’t been any games, lets look at some keys to winning the game.

On offense, the key is to get pucks in deep, have good puck control and work the puck around in order to get the defense on their toes. Having playmakers like Vranna and Kuznetsov back should help with this immensely. Another key is to not take offensive zone penalties which plagued them in the last few games.

On defense, the key is to get the puck out of the zone cleanly. If the plays can be disrupted and the Penguins get frustrated, they will play a less structured game, as frustrations will hinder their ability to play smart hockey.

The game is at 3 pm on NBC.

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