Capitals vs Penguins, a preview of a Tuesday showdown

Today the Capitals face the Penguins for the fourth time this season. The team has not won in that arena yet this season. Will today be any different? Lets look at some keys to winning the game.

The offensive zone penalties are a huge Achilles heel. Not only does it get the puck out of the offensive zone, but it puts the team a man down. This puts the team in a tough spot as they not only have to defend a man down but the puck is already in the defensive zone.

Everyone on the team needs to be better at faceoffs. Its been an issue since Jay Beagle left and its not getting better. The answer could be getting someone in free agency or just developing the centers better.

The defense continues to struggle. While on paper, it seems like a good team defensively, they have not gelled. Maybe switching up pairings would help. There is just a lack of hustle on the defensive side. Maybe its because the team believes in a high scoring game, they can get the last shot. The defensive unit really needs to come together.

The game is at 7 on NBC Sports and can also be heard on the radio at 106.7 fm

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