Capitals vs Flyers, Caps back on the road again

Today the Washington Capitals are playing the Philadelphia Flyers at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. The Capitals are coming off of a win, albeit a very sloppy win. The Capitals did a lot right and a lot wrong in that game. Let’s take a look at both the right and wrong things they did and that need to be tightened up in this game.

First, the Capitals need to be consistent on defense with or without a lead. The team played well until they had a lead and then slacked some. The Capitals need to be vigilant on defense for an entire game and not just parts of it.

The precision passing and keeping the puck in the offensive zone during power plays was a very good improvement over what had been done before. Working the puck around and keeping the defense on their toes while they’re down a man wears them out and opens the door for scoring chances to open up.

The team also has been doing very well on faceoffs and needs to keep it up. Winning faceoffs is important because controlling the puck allows them to dictate the tempo they wanna play at. By dictating pace they can push the tempo and create 2-1 chances if the defense is caught sleeping.

The game is at 7 on NBC Sports Washington and can be heard on 106.7 fm

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