Capitals vs Flyers, a mid day showdown in the city of brotherly love

The Washington Capitals are looking to bounce back from a loss to the Sabers with a win over the Philadelphia Flyers. The team looked abysmal in Backstrom’s 1,000th game. With twelve games left on the season, every game becomes more and more pivotal.

The defense just seemed out of place last game. They just seemed like they didn’t wanna play. The team on the defensive front needs to play more consistent and better. They need to finish checks, get in the way of passes and play more shut down defense.

The scoring slowed down in the previous game. There had been a previous 14 goals scored in two games which was slowed down to two goals in one game. Shots on goal, shots in general were all down. The production in these area’s needs to increase so more pressure is on the opponents.

The game is at noon on NBC sports Washington and can be heard on 106.7 fm

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