Capitals play the Bruins, Chara makes his first return to Boston

Today, the Washington Capitals play the Boston Bruins in a nationally televised game. The Capitals have looked solid the past few games. The play at both ends of the ice have been solid. Let’s take a look at some keys to not just playing well but beating Boston.

The first key, is to keep getting pucks from the defensive zone to center ice so that the lines can keep changing to keep players fresh. It also gives the goalie a chance to catch his breath before the next attack from the Bruins.

The second key is to continue the discipline in staying out of the penalty box. Keeping the play at 5-5 or if the Capitals are lucky, 5-4 with a power play is key. This keeps all the players fresh and able to push the tempo offensively. It also allows the Capitals to keep their players fresh while wearing out the defensive units which allows for more opportunities to score.

The third key is keeping the game physical. The team needs to finish checks, play aggressive against the boards, and keep the Bruins on their toes. If the team keeps the physical play then the Bruins might play a little scared. If the Bruins are scared then they may not play their best hockey.

The fourth and final key is continuing the good play in the faceoff dot. If the Capitals can continue to stay hot and win faceoffs then they can manage puck control, get the puck out of the defensive zone, and work the puck around the offensive zone. This is key because if the Caps control the puck, then the Caps control the tempo.

The game is at 7 on NBCSN

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