Capitals Owner Ted Leonsis announces new sports betting site to replace the Green Turtle

Despite once thriving on the Verizon Center/Capital One Arena scene, Monumental Sports and Tes Leonsis announces yesterday that the Green Turtle’s lease was to be bought out, despite 3 years remaining on its deal.

“There will be a sportsbook in the building, accessible from outside, depending on the league, depending on the event, it might be accessible from the inside as well, and they’ll place bets,” Leonsis said.

This press conference immediately preceded the one announced this morning, with the NHL announcing a partnership with bookmaker William Hill US.

The Green Turtle’s last day appears to be April 9th, the last game of the Washington Wizards season. However, there is some uncertainty whether or not the Green Turtle’s deal has actually been terminated, according to Mark Segraves of NBC 4. Segraves, in a report last night, told NBC that he “talked to a representative for Mr. Leonsis who says he never said anything of the sort today. He is committed to having the sportsbook inside Capital One Arena. He just hasn’t decided where it will be inside the building and what it will look like.”

We will update this story as more news comes out.

Austen Adcock

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