Capitals Offensive Rage has been the keys to victory

The Washington Capitals are leading the Stanley Cup Final series 3-1. They have won three straight games, a lot in part due to the offensive side of the puck. In the series against Tampa Bay, the Capitals struggled to put the puck in the back of the net. With Marc-Andre Fleury in goal, many people thought it would be much harder to score. It has been just the opposite. Marc-Andre Fleury has a save percentage of 84.15% on the series, which is much lower then what it had been throughout the rest of the playoffs.

Washington does not have many shots on goal compared to the Lightning series. A combined 103 shots on goal is all it has taken for the Caps. The difference between this series and the last is that Barry Trotz’s offense is now starting to finish chances. In the middle games against Tampa bay, Washington struggled to put three goals up on the board with more than 103 combined shots on goal in those three games.

Goal scoring hopefully has not peaked for the Capitals, but it sure has been rising. Coming off the series winner against Tampa Bay, the Caps stayed hot on offense. Washington lost the first game of the series in Vegas 6-4, but the offense was still rolling. The Caps have 16 goals in the Stanley Cup Final so far, six of them being in game four. In period one of game four, Washington scored three times, and it was 4-0 before the Golden Knights scored. If the Capitals offense can keep scoring like this, there is no doubt they will come away Stanley Cup winners.

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