Capitals Chances to Win Game 7

Thankfully for the Washington Capitals, they forced a game seven against the Tampa Bay Lightning. On Monday, the Caps won 3-0 against the Bolts. A shutout performance by the defense and Braden Holtby should spark the team for game seven on Wednesday. Game seven determines the season for both teams. This game either means going to the Stanley Cup Final, or getting ready for the 2018-2019 season.

The Capitals have not had a good game seven record in their time in the NHL. Washington has a record of 3-12 in game seven chances in the playoffs. This is a 25% chance of them winning game seven. The Lightning won the last game in Tamp Bay, but the Caps won game six. Momentum is definitely a question at this point in time. Whoever scores first will have the momentum, but that could be easily moved from one side to another in the matter of thirty seconds.

Considering Washington has not played well in game sevens, Tampa Bay should have the advantage because of that and being at home. If the Caps want a chance in game seven, they have to play just as well as they did in game six at home. Good defense, as well as a superb game from Holtby is going to be important for a chance to win against the Bolts.

Washington is hoping to improve their game seven record to 4-12. They have struggled against Tampa Bay all season, but have split with them in what is the most important series up until this point in the campaign. The Capitals either lose it all tonight, or advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

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