Capitals can’t right the ship last Sunday, will they against the Flyers this Tuesday?

The Washington Capitals have lost three straight games in regulation, after starting 6-0-3. This is showing a lack of a lot of different tendencies in different areas. Lets take a look at some of the good, bad, and keys to winning the game.

Lets start with the good. Alex Ovechkin is starting to get hot and scored two goals in it as well as a pair of assists. They also matched a season high of shots with 37. This is showing a great effort to get the puck in deep in the offensive zone, work the puck around and find the man with the best chance of scoring. This kind of effort is stellar and shows a great effort on the offensive end of the ice. The goaltending, not so much so lets dive into the bad with the that.

Vanecek let in 4 goals in 14 shot attempts which is absolutely dreadful. He was replaced by Craig Anderson in the second period. While I don’t fully blame Vanecek, it’s because the defense isn’t doing what they need to. Vanecek was also supposed to be the backup. Samsonov has been on the covid list and unable to play or practice since January 20th. This thrust Vanecek into the starting role, and this is his rookie season.

Now for the keys to winning this game. Keep the offensive pressure up. When a bunch of pucks are put on net, eventually they’re bound to go through. It’s also key that the team continues to move the puck around to keep the defense on their toes. Another vital key is that the pucks get deep into the zone. The last key is to stay at 5-5 hockey and not take dumb penalties.

The game is at 6:00 on NBCSportsWashington or you can listen on 106.7 fm.

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