Can Caps Keep Winning in Game Four?

The Washington Capitals are currently ahead in the Stanley Cup Finals 2-1 against the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Winning games two and three of the series is a huge momentum booster for Washington. The offense for the Caps has been outstanding the entire series putting up no less than three goals a game against Marc-Andre Fleury. Defense was not at it’s best game one to say the least, but since then it has been stellar. Braden Holtby has found his rhythm and in game three had a 95.5 save percentage. Overall the Washington Capitals have been playing in some peoples opinions, the best hockey in their playoff run.

Coming out firing on offense in game one did not do the job for the Washington Capitals. Putting up four goals must not have been good enough as Braden Holtby and the Capitals defense did not play well letting in six goals. Washington has a combined ten goals in three games this series. Averaging 26.67 shots a game in the finals, they would like to have more. Even though any team would like to have over 26.67 shots a game, Washington is converting on their chances. Ultimately, this has been the difference in the series.

Defense after game one has been almost as good as it gets. with a combined 84 hits and 44 blocks in game two and three alone has gained the Caps a 2-1 series lead. If the defense keeps playing like this, it will be hard for shots to get to Holtby. Braden Holtby has a combined 95.2 save percentage in games two and three. He has been a big contributor to Washington’s defense the entire offseason.

A 3-1 series lead would be monumental for the Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals. Having that big of a lead in any series makes the team much more confident and sure about winning the series. For the Caps to do this the offence has to keep playing well and the defense will have to keep being stellar.


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