Browns fans show new low, urinates on Art Modell's grave

1980-modell-browns crop.jpgA Cleveland Browns fan has urinated on Art Modell’s grave and posted a video of it here. I would embed the video but the Browns fan surprisingly figured out how to make the video unsharable. Modell rests at Druid Ridge Cemetery and it is a public place so anyone can go and pay their respects, in this case their disrespect.  Honestly, no grave deserves this kind of disrespect and Modell by all accounts was a good man.

The act shown in the video is both gross and completely disrespectful.  Urinating on a mans grave is just about as low as someone can go.  Fans can get passionate about their sports teams and hate on some players, coaches and owners from other teams but too far is too far.  Fans need to know that attacking a person personally, attacking their families, attacking their home, or now attacking their grave is just way too far.  Sports are meant to entertain us, it is ok to be passionate about it, but it is just a sport. 

This shows the bad part of sports and fans.  Fans go way too far sometimes when it comes to sports.  Brown’s fans have hated Modell since he moved the Browns to Baltimore.  Since then the Browns got a team back only a few years later and got to keep all their records and their mascot.  The second edition of the Browns have never been the same and have often been dead last in the AFC North.  Modell had nothing to do with the Browns being losers year in and year out since they returned, that is their new owners fault.

Hopefully the police look into and find the two people responsible for this crime, and it is a crime.   A public urination charge at least, so far the police have yet to comment, according to the Baltimore Sun.  Modell did a lot for the NFL and deserves not only to be in the NFL Hall of Fame but to be treated better than having his grave urinated on.

Cleveland fans have been shown to “overreact” before, when Lebron James left Cleveland it was like Armageddon.   I am extremely disappointing in the actions of these two men and I hope the police charge them.  This shows a new low when it comes to sports fans.  Remember when a Cleveland Browns fan made this video ripping his own team, classic.

Update:  The Modell family are looking to press charges, according to the Baltimore Sun.

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  1. August 6, 2014

    […] grave has been identified by police, for the story of what happened to Modell’s grave go here.  Paul S. Serbu a 61 year old from Ohio has been summoned to court and will face a misdemeanor […]

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