Between Rounds: Andy “CrAsian” Nguyen

Yet another beautiful native west coast girl Andy “CrAsian” Nguyen will have you “California Dreaming” in the blink of an eye. Fighting out of Bossier City, Louisiana, Nguyen a MMA veteran, is still looking to make some noise in the strawweight or flyweight division. Latest news I had showed “The CrAsian” fighting at Lions Fights 53 on March 30th against Magalie Alvarez.

Training with CSA in California with Coach Kirian FitzgibbonĀ  , Nguyen is working hard to prepare herself to take that next step up the rankings. Capitalizing on a mixed martial arts background in both Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu her fiture looks bright. Seeing the beautiful yet crazy Asian dubbed “The CrAsian” in her last couple fights might taint your opinion on her future success. Not so fast fight fans, at this point Andy isn’t just fighting to win but also to learn. Even at 36 Andy takes away valuable lessons from each fight. There is so much more than just gorgeous looks and a crazy hot body with “The CrAsian”.

Many things can be taken from her loses to Tiani Valle and Miyuu Yamamoto. Against Valie, Nguyen simply got caught early and was unable to recuperate before the onslaught finished her. A rematch could easily go to “The CrAsian”. Yamamoto won via decision, an opponent Nguyen tapped out in their previous fight. Andy let the judges make the call and that has haunted her in the past. Nguyen avenged another decision loss to Bi Nguyen and has defeated Cassie Robb twice. She needs to focus more on her submission ability and rapid striking attacks where she throws numerous combos from every angle to finish her opponents.

That “CrAsian” style isn’t always one that wows the judges based on her style against certain opponents, and sometimes it hurts her when the fight comes down to a decision. I would believe that Nguyen is working on finishing more fights and I truly believe an even better Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen is in our future. Nguyen has to bring the fight back into her hands and remove the judges once and for all. Expect more finishes in her future and maybe her getting a little crazy in her attack angles.

Nguyen the former King of the cage atomweight champion, now finds herself as a match maker for the Southeast region with KOTC. No fight fans “The CrAsian” is not retired just juggling some of her many talents. Nguyen is signed with Lion Fights a promotion known for some exciting Muay Thai talent. While we patently wait to see this beauty return to the cage and bring some crazy brutality with her, Nguyen will be setting matches and kicking off some new careers from the young talent she unleashes in the ring. From Jaw dropping cover model to atomweight champion to KOTC match maker Nguyen can do it all and look crazy beautiful doing it.

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