Baltimore Ravens 2014 Regular Season Game by Game Predictions


On the heels of a late season slide this previous year, the Baltimore Ravens are looking to rebound this upcoming season. The 2014 Baltimore Ravens features new acquisitions such as Steve Smith and Owen Daniels. Many things are still in question including Ray Rice’s position in his aggravated assault charge and Joe Flacco’s consistency.

The defense does not appear to be an issue at this point in time, the Ravens remained fixated on strengthening an offense that disastrously underperformed this past season. You can expect the majority of players drafted by the Ravens this year to be offensive players, in all likelihood circled around the offensive line.

With the release of the 2014 NFL Regular Season schedules last night, I’ll examine each game the Ravens will be guaranteed in 2014 and predict the outcome of each one.

Week 1: V.S. Cincinnati

The Ravens will be taking an AFC North tour to open their season, and the toughest of their divisional foes will be the ones they will open their season against. The Bengals and Ravens split the season series last year, which saw Cincy diminish any hope of postseason eligibility for Baltimore in a 34-17 Week 17 victory. This game will be entirely defensively based. Expect a low scoring affair that may feature a throng of turnovers curtesy of each team’s QB’s. The Ravens always seem to manage Cincy at M&T Bank Stadium, even if it is not in the prettiest of fashion. Cincy is at an elite enough level to discontinue that trend. Bengals: 17-14

Week 2: V.S. Pittsburgh

If you were itching to see an early bloodbath, you have been granted permission. The Ravens split the season series against Pitt last year, both teams earning wins in their own stadiums. For a second week in a row, defense will be the word of the evening, and it is very likely we will see another game clinching play in the whining moments of the tilt. Ravens: 13-10

Week 3: at Cleveland

Cleveland’s first victory against Baltimore in the Age of Flacco would have had to come at some point, sure enough, it did last season. The Ravens on paper should have no problem making short work of Cleveland, but as we have so often seen in the previous years, road trips are not a dandy for the Ravens. Browns: 20-17

Week 4: V.S. Carolina

Let Steve Smith’s revenge commence come Week 4. The Panthers are offensivley drained, and Smith has now found a home in Baltimore that could very well be the difference maker in not only this game, but many others. In a relativeley low-scoring game, we should see Smith raising his fists victoriously once the clock hits zero. Ravens: 20-7

Week 5: at Indianapolis

The Colts now have the chance to avenge their WildCard loss two years ago when Baltimore made that improabale Super Bowl run. The Colts have since then improved immenseley offensively and defensively. Andrew Luck has been making a name for himself with late-game heriocs, expect that to be the deciding factor. Colts: 27-23

Week 6: at Tampa Bay

The Bucs fell apart last season, this upcoming year may not be so kind to them either. Tampa is scrambled at nearly every position, and Baltimore should be able to handle the Bucs with relative ease. Ravens: 28-10

Week 7: V.S. Atlanta

Amidst a heavy load of injuries, the Falcons had a porous season in 2013. Gonzalez` final hopes of a championship were shattered, and he endured the failure along with the rest of the team. Given that many of those who were injured will be back come the start of the 2014 season, expect a rebound year from Atlanta. A fairly high-scoring affair should see Baltimore’s defense becoming the difference late. Ravens: 27-24

Week 8: at Cincinnati

The Bengals have always given the Ravens issues in Cincy. Be warned, the Bengals defense playing behind the home crowd could give the Ravens offense nightmares. The new faces on the Baltimore offense should if nothing else keep the game from becoming lobsided. Defense will more than likely be Baltimore’s big hope of winning, that includes scoring as well. Bengals: 28-14

Week 9: at Pittsburgh

Home field advantage is among the most ancient reoccurring notions, for good reason. Throughout the history of this rivalry, the home team has had the upper hand. Again, expect a game-winning play to be made in the final seconds, this time in Pitts favor should those historical trends continue. Steelers: 14-13

Week 10: V.S. Tennessee

Chris Johnson is gone, in other words the entire Titans team. They will without a doubt be in rebuilding mode, and Baltimore should capitalize on that at home. Ravens: 31-14

Week 11: BYE

Week 12: at. New Orleans

Hostile territory for any team in the league, even those who are consistently good on the road. Drew Brees and the Saints will feed off of the noise as usual, and the vastly improved Saints defense should hold off Baltimore’s offense just enough to win. Saints: 30-27

Week 13: V.S. San. Diego

San Diego played solid ball at the end of the season last year and beyond, and they should be improved coming into the 2014 season. It has been a favorable matchup for Baltimore as of late. Expect a very competitive game that will in this case come down to who’s offense performs better. Ravens: 28-27

Week 14: at Miami

With Miami’s defense performing to par, we should see a somewhat low-scoring tilt. Ryan Tannehill more often than not does not play particularly well against good defenses, and that’s what the biggest difference will be in the end. Ravens: 27-14

Week 15: V.S. Jacksonville

Depending upon what QB Jacksonville will draft, chances are they won’t be ready for a defense like Baltimore’s. The complexity of the Ravens’ defensive system is enough to harass even veteran quarterbacks, don not expect a rookie to have too good of a day. Ravens: 35-10

Week 16: at Houston

Even with the first overall pick, you would be a fool to think Houston would be able to achieve an adequate record in the 2014 Regular Season. Still, on the road, you can not escape the feeling that this may end up being a close game. Ravens: 28-20

Week 17: V.S. Cleveland

This is a good way to cap off an impressive final stretch should Baltimore win the four games before their season finale against the Browns. The ever improving Browns defense should make things fairly tough for Flacco and Company, but their offense should not see the endzone more than once. Ravens: 21-13

Final Season Record: 10-6

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