The Baltimore Orioles Are A Disappointment

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Usually, around this time of year I am stoked that baseball is right around the corner. I can imagine spending long nights at Camden Yards, eating some of the best ballpark delicacies in the Majors, and seeing some long balls reach the flag court in right field. But this year is different. I have almost zero interest in going to a ballgame this season, except for maybe one or two games against the Yankees just to see how many times Stanton can hit the Hilton. Just thinking about that makes me nauseas. Do you know how embarrassing it is to only want to go to an Orioles game to watch a player from the other team, especially with that other team being the New York Yankees? This franchise may be one of the worst ran franchises in the Majors and if not we are most certainly headed there.

I mean what competent franchise has more catchers than starting pitchers heading into Spring Training? What kind of franchise treats their once in a generation, superstar player like a guy we got from the rule 5 draft? Actually, that is not an accurate comparison. Dan Duquette has a love connection with any player he takes in the rule 5. I hope the Orioles do not resign Manny Machado because the guy does not deserve to waste the prime years of his career, with an organization that is going to treat him like dirt. What really boggles my mind is how the Orioles gave Chris Davis a contract worth 161 million dollars for seven years, but have absolutely no contract talks with the face of the franchise. Yes, Davis does hit a lot of homeruns, but he also stares at fastballs right down the middle and swings at curveballs three feet deep in the Earth’s dirt. That averages out to be around two-hundred plus strikeouts a season. They say you have to take the good with the bad, but with Davis there seems to be a whole lot more bad than good. Machado is not the only player that has been disrespected. Players like Adam Jones and Jonathan Schoop, based on reports, have not had any discussions on contract extensions at any point. The Orioles do not seem to have any intent on making this ball club better. Matter of fact they seem to be doing the polar opposite and running this franchise straight into the ground.

The level of respect that Duquette and Angelos have shown to this fan base has been disgraceful. I remember in 2014 the stadium was packed on a nightly basis, the Orioles were playing great baseball, and captured their first division title in seventeen years. Just four years later, and they are going to have a hard time filling out the standing room only section. That 2014 squad won an amazing ninety-six games. This years team will struggle to get to seventy. The fact of the matter is that neither Angelos nor Duquette care truly care about this team. Angelos only cares about the ways he can make money and Duquette could not run a successful ball club if you gave him a how-to manual.

This was a random, all over the place rant by me, but it sucks to know what could have been with this team if we had anything close to a competent front office. The Orioles are headed straight for another decade of losing baseball and there does not seem to be reason to believe otherwise.

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Isaiah Stumpf

Hi my name is Isaiah Stumpf. I am currently attending Anne Arundel Community College. I write and cover Maryland Terrapins sports and the Baltimore Ravens for Maryland Sports Blog. I intend to transfer to Towson University and major in Sports Management. I am a true diehard fan of the Ravens and Orioles. I am excited to help this network grow and become something huge!

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