Washington Wizards Still a team to beat in the Eastern conference?

The Washington Wizards are not a franchise known for having a lot of success despite a rather deep and storied history. So when the Washington Wizards enter each season, their definition of what counts as success can vary. On a grand scale, especially for a group like this, anything less of the Eastern Conference finals should be considered failure. However, in recent history some fans might just be happy to see Washington not fail

The Wizards were one win away last season from reaching the conference finals. They were also one shy from winning 50-regular season games. Both feats have not been achieved by this team since the 70’s. At some point, though, the Wizards have to make a jump. Now that they’ve extended John Wall and locked him in until 2023 the standard has changed. Whether that’s getting to the conference finals, or winning 50 games, they have to put themselves into the same conversation as the NBA’s Elite.

New expectations?
Washington comes into this season with its highest expectations in years. The East is weak, the Wizards have continuity and they were incredibly close to meeting the Cavs last season for a trip to the Finals. Their core is strong with a team built around Wall and Bradley Beal . They have great complementary pieces next to them like Markieff Morris and the always underappreciated Marcin Gortat .

With the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics changing their rosters around, and the Toronto Raptors trying out a new offense, the Wizards have never been in a better situation to take the East. With a returning core and improving young guys such as Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre , the Wizards have a great opportunity to raise their ceiling. That ceiling might be where the Wizards’ expectations sit at. They don’t have to go out and win the East, but if they aren’t among the teams battling for the top seed, will that be good enough?

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