Alonso will not be suspended for hit on Flacco

Last Thursday, Kiko Alonso hit Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco late and in the head. Flacco was giving himself up and Alonso came in and cheap shotted him while sliding. Flacco left the game after that play with a concussion and remains in concussion protocol.

Many analysts had different opinions of the hit and some thought he should have been suspended. I personally thought Alonso should have had a two game suspension.  

In Alonso’s favor is the fact that he has had a pretty clean record in regards to “dirty hits”. Either way Alonso had more than enough time to pull up. When a quarterback goes into a slide they are giving themselves up for that play and no contact is called for.

Alonso did text Flacco apologizing for the hit, who was a nice gesture.   

The NFL made a mistake on this call.  

Brian Hradsky

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