Adam Jones Sends Cryptic Tweet Amid O’s Hot Stove Discussions

The MLB Winter Meetings are currently underway in Orlando, and the ‘Hot Stove’ is buzzing with plenty of trade and free agent signing rumors. Of the many names that have been thrown around, few are more prominent and prevalent than that of Manny Machado.

In fact, the Orioles have been in the news a lot. Discussions of a potential full blow up and rebuild are going around, as well as talk of going all in for one last season while Machado is still under contract. Unfortunately for Baltimore fans looking for immediate gratification, it would appear that a full blow up and slow rebuild are imminent for this franchise.

Earlier this afternoon, Adam Jones added more fuel to the fire by sharing this tweet:

Whether this means that Adam Jones is being moved, the players around him are being moved, or nothing at all is happening and this is just some sort of crazy ‘game’, it certainly has a cryptic feel to it that is worrisome for many Orioles fans. We’ll just have to wait until we hear something from the front office to know for sure.

Sam Smith

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