205 Live Recap


205 Live starts out with Akira Tozawa landing several strong chops on Toney Nese. Tony Nese executing extreme agility when he attempts a moonsault and misses, but lands on his feet. Nese then lands a springboard moonsault from the middle rope into a near fall. Some quick back and forth as Tozawa lands a suicide dive to the outside. Tony Nese catches Tozawa with a nasty uppercut, but Tozawa knocks Nese to the mat and lands a crashing senton from the top rope to get the win



After Lio Rush makes his entrance for his much anticipated debut for 205 Live. Rush takes his sweet time removing is jewelry. Rush lands a disrespectful slap to Dewey James followed by several kicks and strikes including a handspring kick off the ropes. Lio Rush ends the match very quickly with a gravity defying frog splash. Seeing Lio Rush debut makes me wonder what he could do against someone like NXT’s Ricochet or even Neville if Neville were to return to the 205 Live ring.


Starting quickly, House Party launches to the outside of the ring before the bell. Gallagher and Gran Metalik start the match and Metalik makes a quick tag to Kalisto. Gallagher is double teamed by Kalisto and Lince Dorado. Metalik is now the legal man and gets pinned by Gallagher making this elimination tag match 3 on 2. The Brian Kendrick tags in and faces off with Dorado and Dorado falls victim to the numbers game. Drew Gulak tags in and slows the pace down with a headlock and Gulak rips the mask off of Dorado’s face. Dorado rolls out of the ring covering his now exposed face. Gulak laughs as Dorado gets his mask back on. After several tags Dorado gains a pinfall over Kendrick. Gallagher is now working on the left arm of Dorado. Gulak tags in to cut off the hot tag to Kalisto. Gulack submits Dorado with a dragon sleeper for the second weeks in a row. Now 2 on 1 Kalisto comes in on fire and has a nearfall on Gulak. Gallagher tags in and goes to work on Kalisto. An attempted Double team, but Kalisto reverses and finishes Gallagher with the Salida del Sol. 1 on 1 and Kalisto is flying all over the outside of the ring. Springboard crossbody for a two count, but Gulak gets the shoulder up. Gulack lands a discus clothesline and nearly pins Kalisto. Gulak attempts to rip the mask off Kalisto, but instead puts on the Gulak dragon sleeper for another submission victory. Fed up Gulak picks up Lucha House Party’s piñata mascot, Penelope. He rips off the pasted Gulak face and throws the piñata into the WWE Universe.

Fairly good showing for 205 live who have come a long way since the transition of Triple H taking over from Vince McMahon. No doubt the highlight of this show was Lio Rush and the possibilities are endless for the young superstar.

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