205 Live Recap 7/3/18

TJP again is complaining about not being in the main event and falls Omaha NE a dump of a town. Out comes his surprise opponent Noam Dar who recently returned from a knee injury. Dar comes out on fire and finishes the match in maybe a minute with a knee strike. TJP is then seen leaving the arena and blows off an interview. While leaving he unexplainably kicks an already open door… What has become of our inaugural Cruiserweight champion?

Akira Tozawa competes against an enhancement talent. Lio Rush comes out to observe. Tozawa is dominate in this match with several kicks and punches. He nails a running shining wizard followed by a top rope sexton and pinball. After the match Rush gets on the mic saying he is a fan and Tozawa is good, but doesn’t know what Tozawa has done since Tozawa was champion. Rush says he is too good to wait for opportunities and challenges Tozawa to “feel the rush”.

The main event is a no DQ match. Before the bell Mustafa Ali drop kicks Buddy Murphy off the apron. The bell rings and Murphy throws Ali over the announcers table. Ali is thrown off the barricade onto the ramp. Murphy then hits a snap duplex against Ali on the ramp. Murphy is dominating the match and is getting cocky when Ali reverses with an elbow and slams Murphy into the corner hitting the top of the ring post. Ali hits a rolling X factor from the middle rope and has a near fall. Both competitors on the outside. Murphy takes apart the stairs and puts the bottom half in the ring. Murphy drop kicks the steps into Ali. Then Murphy dives off the steps over the ropes and flips onto Ali outside. Murphy sets up the stairs in the corner and launches Ali into them. Murphy does this for the second time and goes for the pin, but Ali kicks out. Murphy tries for a third time but Ali hits a hurricanrana into the stairs. As Ali goes to the top rope Murphy power bombs Ali. Ali catches Murphy now on the top rope. Ali puts the stairs vertically in the corner and hits a suplex from the top of them onto the mat. Truly a must see! As Ali goes for a pin Murphy rolls out of the ring. Murphy is now caught on the barricade behind the announcers table. Ali runs, jumps off the table, and lands a Spanish fly onto the table. Back to the ring Murphy lands a knee strike. Ali gets stuck in the ropes and Murphy repeats his knee strikes. Somehow Ali hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT from the stairs and gets the hard fought victory.

As a wrestling fan and writer. I strongly suggest that you seek out this main event. Both Murphy and Ali have taken 205 to a new level. With the already incredibly talented Cedrick Alexander as the champion and the new acquisition of Lio Rush I expect 205 to start to sky rocket in popularity in the next year.

AJ Stevens

WWE Fanatic and Bullet Club supporter

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