Apr 01

Coyote Ugly

Friday night’s tilt against the not-good-at-all Arizona Coyotes was a pathetic one. Pathetic is a very strong word to use, but I digress. Everyone knew it was a trap game. Arizona came out looking to play spoiler to the top team in the league. They did just that.

Early on, the game went sour. Dvorak scored for Arizona right away. No big deal, right? Well, except it was. Arizona followed with 2 more goals in the opening period, and Braden Holtby had to be pulled. Yikes. Not good. John Carlson and Karl Alzner were doing their best traffic cone demonstrations, as they have been all season.

Puck luck changed when Washington answered with 2 goals of their own. So you’re saying there’s a chance?! Everything was all good again, until a bad penalty put Washington a man down. Arizona scored again on the ensuing power play. Cancel the party. Then, to make things worse, Arizona scored TWICE MORE. Washington would lose this one, despite outshooting the Coyotes.

This is the first time this season that the Coyotes had put up 6 against an opponent, and why wouldn’t it be us? Coach Barry Trotz was none too happy about the loss either, saying “it (the first period) was the worst period of hockey these guys played since I began coaching here,” which would date back to 2014. Brutal hockey calls for brutal honesty.

There is no reason to panic, however. Tonight’s game was essentially meaningless, considering Columbus lost. Everyone’s first instinct is to panic after a loss right before the playoffs start, but the Caps may have needed this. They were in a 6-game winning streak, and a loss may make them hungrier. While losing is never fun, the Caps are fine.

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