Mar 16

Capitals on the Cooldown?

The Washington Capitals have been dominant for the majority of the 2016/2017 campaign. Everything seemed to be going just great, and fans were claiming (once again) that this was our year. Life was good for the Capitals and their fans, scoring 5 goals a game against basically anyone that stood in their way. Then came the newly-introduced bye week. Gross. No Capitals hockey for a week? No big deal, right? Except it was. The dreaded bye week stalled Washington’s dominance, just like the blizzard last season. Washington’s offense was struggling to get anything going. Lines were being shuffled like a deck of cards constantly, and Alex Ovechkin’s goalless drought was climbing.

With the acquisition of Kevin Shattenkirk just days before the trade deadline, everyone was excited again. The Boys in Red won the first 3 games that Shattenkirk was penciled in the lineup, but lost then lost the next 3. Not bad, but not necessarily ideal either. Shattenkirk got suspended for a charging call against the Los Angeles Kings. He was handed a 2 game suspension, which the Caps split those 2 games. With a 4-2 victory against the Minnesota Wild Tuesday, and with Shattenkirk back in the lineup, hopefully it will be some serious momentum, which is essential with the playoffs right around the corner.

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