2017 College Football Week 5: What We Learned

Now that the first month of college football has officially come to a close, let’s take a look at some of the things we learned in Week 5:

  1. Washington State is for real, and their head coach is electric. Washington State (Wazzu) shocked the nation Friday night by defeating USC, who was one of the top 5 teams in the nation. Wazzu showed that they are meant to be taken seriously both in the Pac-12, and in the College Football Playoff race. The only thing better than the Cougars performance was the post game interview of their head coach (and my new favorite person) Mike Leach, who described the scene on the field after the game as “like Woodstock, but everyone has their clothes on”.
  2. Troy University quickly became a major headline, and for good reason. It’s tough to play on the road. It’s really tough to play on the road during someone’s homecoming game. It’s almost impossible for a Sun Belt team to go on the road to a top-25 SEC powerhouse for their homecoming game and win. Troy did just that. Holding off a last minute comeback by LSU, the Trojans ruined homecoming for the Tigers with their 24-21 victory in Death Valley. LSU honestly looks like they might even miss a bowl this year after that one, and head coach Ed Orgeron should be really worried about his job.
  3. Alabama and Clemson proved once again that they’re miles ahead of everyone else in their respective conferences. The Tide absolutely embarrassed rival Ole Miss 66-3, while Clemson played a true road game against top -15 Virginia Tech, leaving with a 31-17 victory. No one in the SEC or ACC looks good enough to even touch these two teams. At this point, it will come as a true shock if these two teams aren’t the 1 and 2 seeds going into the College Football Playoff, which could set us up for a rematch of last year’s National Championship.
  4. The G5 NY6 Bowl competition is heating up. The Group of 5 has three ranked teams in the latest AP poll, with South Florida (AAC) at 18, San Diego State (MWC) at 19, and Central Florida (AAC) at 25. All of these teams are definite contenders to be the G5 representative in the New Year’s Six Bowl, it’s just a question of which ones will have a tough loss first, and it’s undoubtedly bound to happen. If it doesn’t, I believe that USF under Charlie Strong is definitely the best contender of the three, but it’s going to be a tight race.
  5. Butch Jones should start packing his bags. Tennessee suffered what might be the worst loss in the program’s last decade, with a 41-0 shutout at home against SEC foe Georgia. It’s one thing to lose to a good team, it’s another thing to get shut out by them at home. What an embarrassment. Jones came into this season on the hot seat, and the temperature just rose by a lot. It might just be easier to start packing up his belongings now, cause he will very likely be on the move come November or December.

Sam Smith

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