2017 College Football Week 4: What We Learned

This was the craziest week of college football yet. Let’s take a look at a few things we can take away from these games:

  1. Georgia has proven that they are the second best team in the SEC. With a definitive win over the previously flaming hot Mississippi State this past weekend, the Bulldogs proved that behind Alabama, they’re the other team to beat in the SEC. Georgia’s also lucky enough to not have to play Alabama this season, and if they’re lucky, they could find themselves in playoff contention at the end of the year.
  2. The Big 12 has a new team in contention outside of the Sooner State: TCU. Following their win over Oklahoma State, who still has arguably the best offense in college football, TCU found themselves in the AP Top 10, and at the second spot in the Big 12 behind Oklahoma. With out-of-conference wins over SMU and Arkansas, this is another team that will likely find themselves in playoff contention come late November, with a lot depending on what happens when they travel to OU on 11/11.
  3. Florida State is in a downward spiral. The Seminoles haven’t had a lot of luck recently. In their Week 1 loss to Alabama, they lost their quarterback for the season, only to have Hurricane Irma hit Florida, preventing them from playing another game until this past week, three weeks later. They simply looked flat in their loss to NC State, particularly in the offensive line department. FSU, now 0-2, has a tough road ahead in ACC play.
  4. Texas Tech might be for real. The word “might” is important. They still have a lot to prove, but they certainly impressed in their win over Houston, who’s no easy opponent. With other early wins against Eastern Washington and Arizona State, Tech doesn’t exactly have that ‘notable win’ to put on their resume quite yet, but look for them to potentially make headlines as they host the Cowboys of Oklahoma State this weekend.
  5. College football is officially back. Now, I know you’re thinking, “Wow, Sam, hot take. It’s Week 4. Of course CFB is back”. But when I say college football is back, I mean the excitement and electricity is back. Things have been pretty normal up to this point. There’s been minimal upsets and shakeups, and not many headlines of note. In Week 4, that all changed. We finally saw vulnerability in many of the Top 25 teams. Several lost, but plenty more pulled out tough wins in close games that should have been blowouts. Look for this trend to hopefully continue in the coming weeks.

Sam Smith

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