2017 College Football Week 12: What We Learned

Here’s where things stand as we approach the end of the season:

  1. The committee is finally in love with Miami. Now that the Canes have the quality wins they’ve been looking for all season, the committee bumped them up to #2 in the nation. They won a tough, hard fought battle at home against Virginia, and look like they can handle any team with ease right now. They won’t be overlooked again.
  2. Wisconsin will make the playoff if they earn it these next few weeks. We keep hearing the term “strength of schedule” when determining who’s in and who’s out, and Wisconsin, though undefeated, has had trouble with SOS. It’s why they once again find themselves at #5, on the outside looking in. The good news for the Badgers is that they still have Ohio State and the B1G Championship left to play, which will push them in if they win out.
  3. Alabama has a lot to lose this weekend.¬†The Tide have by far the toughest challenge of any team in the nation this weekend, and that’s traveling to take on arguably the hottest team in college football, #6 Auburn, in this year’s Iron Bowl. A loss could potentially drop them from the #1 spot, and even out of a playoff spot for the time being. However, Bama would still have the SEC Championship to look forward to in order to make a final statement to the committee.
  4. UCF continues to be overlooked. The Knights are one of only four undefeated FBS teams, and they’re still ranked at #15. It’s absolutely ridiculous in my opinion that an undefeated team from the AAC would still be ranked so low at this point in the season. It proves how the committee feels about conferences outside of the Power 5, even if it is the best Group of 5 conference.
  5. Clemson’s season¬†will be decided in two weeks. At that point, Clemson and Miami will face each other in the ACC Championship. You have to imagine that the winner will make the playoff, and the loser will be out, especially with the SEC knocking at the door with three potential playoff teams. Needless to say, this game will be a must-watch.

Sam Smith

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