Aug 06

Top five most overrated quarterbacks of the past decade

Tony Romo before 2008 Pro Bowl.JPEGNFL quarterbacks are often the most paid and highly drafted players in the NFL.  It is well deserving for the good ones but there are several that get the big contracts and high fan fair that never really go far into the playoffs.  This is my list of the top five most overrated quarterbacks of the NFL.  These guys are not all busts and are not all high draft picks.  A common thing about all these players is that they all have had a lot of injuries in their career.

1.  Tony Romo: Is there any quarterback that knows how to blow a game like Romo?  The Cowboys have surrounded him with some great teams and he has never made a deep playoff run in over a decade in the NFL.  To Romo’s credit he was undrafted and worked hard to become a starter but when it comes to big moments Romo knows how to fumble the ball away or throw a bad interception.  Romo has the “Star” on his jersey playing for the Cowboys and constant media praise but at the end of the day after three Pro Bowls Romo has never won or even gotten close to a Super Bowl.  I have never seen a player more overrated than Romo, sure he puts up great fantasy football numbers but that’s it.  At the end of the day it is about playoff wins and Super Bowls.

2.  Carson Palmer:  The first overall pick in the 2003 draft, Palmer has won several NFL awards and has been to two Pro Bowls.  Palmer has been on some really good Cincinnati Bengals teams but has yet to win a playoff game in his career.  Palmer is not a bust, he holds a 85.9 career quarterback rating and has played on some good and bad teams.  Palmer has had his fair share of injuries but has had enough healthy years to have at least one playoff win to his ledger.

3.  Mike Vick: Out of all these players Mike Vick has the most Pro Bowls in four, Vick also has the most playoff wins with two.  Vick has been great at times with his mobility but his problem has always been that he runs too much and gets hurt.  Vick also has trouble reading defenses and fans have been carried away because of his great legs.  Yes Vick maybe the greatest rushing quarterback but at this point in his career it is safe to say that he will never win a Super Bowl.

4. Vince Young: Remember Young?  Sure you do Young was drafted in 2006, made two Pro Bowls and the cover of Madden Football and then disappeared.  Young has not made a team since 2011.  I was always skeptical of Young, sure running quarterbacks are flashy but he could never throw well.  I thought both Young’s Pro Bowls were undeserving.  Young could not read defenses and had off the field problems.  Young is easily the worst quarterback on this list.

5.  Jay Cutler:  I think Cutler is a really good player but there is something about him that tells me he is not a really good team player.  There is a reason why the Denver Broncos were willing to trade him when he was entering his prime.  Cutler still has time to win a Super Bowl but needs to do it fast.  Cutler has a great arm and has put up some solid numbers but has bragged about his arm too much.  Cutler has some playoff wins and a Pro Bowl to his ledger but I do not think many defenses have ever feared Cutler that much.  To Cutler’s credit he has been on some mediocre offenses.


  1. DeaconEm540

    I would think that Mark Sanchez belongs on this list.

    1. Brian Hradsky

      Very close to it, never really rated high. More of a bust.

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